Claussen All-Mark

Lumber Marking Systems

We can build any size lumber printer with any type of lumber stamp! No matter what type of industrial wood printer you need we build everything from simple stamp hammers & hand stamp rollers to panel printers, stripe markers and fully automated lumber face grade printers to name a few.

Lumber Ink - At Wholesale Prices

Lumber Ink that lasts longer than any other!

Print over 150,000 board feet with our Claussen ink rolls!

We have lumber ink for any of your marking needs because we manufacture every size grade and marking printer for lumber, panels, beams and more.

Lumber Marking Equipment

As a custom manufacturer we are able to build the marking equipment specific to your mill in order to keep your production on schedule. Whether you need to stamp green lumber, plywood, insulboard, wafer board, OSB or any other type marking, we can custom manufacture any lumber marking printer you need.

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Industrial Ink Rolls for Lumber Grading
About Claussen all-mark

Lumber Ink & Grade Printers

Lumber Marking Equipment

Claussen All-Mark specializes in grade printing equipment, marking equipment, lumber ink and stamping for any type lumber! We have been a lumber marking supplier and grade printer manufacturer for over 40 years and will continue to provide our customers the benefits of less maintenance, little to no down time, indestructible equipment and great service.


We have developed the most reliable, heavy duty, high-speed grade printing & marking equipment for any type lumber mill and panel mill you can find on the market today. We custom build your Claussen printer to fit the lug tables currently operating in your mill. We would like to thank all of our customers without whom we would not have the opportunity to grow with the forest products industry.


Custom Grade Printing and Lumber Marking Systems for any mill. As an OEM manufacturer, we build from scratch. Every part of your printer is 100% Claussen built from raw materials to a fully assembled Claussen printer ready to ship.


Board driven or chain driven, we build your lumber grade printer to your specific mill. The customization is endless like the option to up and down grade on the same board at the same time. Not to mention our ink rolls last longer than any other on the market.


Our panel printers are board or air driven and will maintain the same speed as your panels without skidding. With all our printers, we custom manufacture each part to fit your current mill operations.