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Custom Lumber Printer
Air Stud Printer
Heated Ink Conversion Kit
Left-Handed Heated Ink Roll

Lumber Mill Grade Printers

At Claussen All-Mark we build our industrial grade printers to fit the lug tables currently operating in your lumber mill. We start by measuring the size, load capacity, timing and speed of your driven lug tables. From there we can manufacture an automated face grade printer for your lumber mill that will take care of your grade stamping in order to fulfill the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) accreditation approval. If you currently have a grade printer and are in search of wholesale pricing on refill ink for grade printing, we can offer compatible grade printing ink and grade printing accessories for your current lumber grade printer.

Automated Lumber Mill Face Grade Printer | State of the art – Millwright Designed | NEW – Claussen Crosstable Grade Printer

⦁ Eliminates re-grading! – Can up and down grade on same board at the same time.
⦁ Optional 8″ pneumatic rubber hold down wheels (holds lumber down & back against lug).
⦁ 3″ to 5″ clearance above boards, unobstructed clearance for twisted boards (no double stamping).
⦁ Optional thickness adjuster (adjusts all arms simultaneously).
⦁ Optional high speed (up to 160 lugs per minute).
⦁ 100% ball bearings.
⦁ Super heavy duty 2″ air cylinders.
⦁ Optional floor mount.
⦁ Arm bending plates (minimizes down time).
⦁ Grade stamp hub rotation reversing mechanism (optional).
⦁ Pre-inked disposable ink roll system.
⦁ Optional patented internal ink roll heaters, good for cold temperatures.
⦁ Grade stamps: Velcro or grade-ring attached.
⦁ Millwright designed / lowest maintenance costs in the industry.

Ink Roll and Print Position Conversion Kits for Lumber Face Grades

*Ink and ink roll conversion kits are available for non-Claussen printers!
⦁ Eliminates troublesome parts and arms.
⦁ Conversion arms and hangers for existing frame and drive shaft of most printers.
⦁ No wear points.
⦁ Less costly than rebuilding arms.
⦁ Pre-inked ink roll system.*
⦁ Adequate clearance between grade stamp and lumber.
⦁ Multiple position capacity.
⦁ Low maintenance cost.
⦁ Simplicity of design minimizes moving parts.
⦁ 100% ball bearings and taper lock bushings.
⦁ Sprockets and bearings clamp on to the 1 – 15/16” shaft.
⦁ Strain relief bending plates protect against damage to drive shaft, arm bearings and arm.
⦁ Minimizes downtime for changing damaged arms.
⦁ Heavy duty air cylinders.
⦁ Thickness adjuster available for conversions.
⦁ We offer all equipment and services needed to accommodate your mills conversion including installation, startup and supplies.
⦁ Millwright designed.
⦁ Field tested and proven.

Air Actuated Stud Printer #777

⦁ Can be mounted to print top, bottom, or sides of your product.
⦁ Board driven printer for stud mill applications, HT and standard stamps.
⦁ Air actuated via foot pedal, push button or mill PLC system.
⦁ Built with Claussen quality and durability.
⦁ Standard size hubs 1-1/2″, 3″ & 6″, other sizes upon request

Stud Printers

⦁ Board or air driven
⦁ Continuous stamp printing.
⦁ Mounted on main line before the stacker
⦁ Disposable ink roll systems.
⦁ Grade stamp hub available in various sizes.