Plywood, Wafer Board, OSB, Particle Board​ Panel Printers

We create a panel printer specific to the volume and structure of your wood in order to clearly stamp your product with logos, grade, and more. Rest assured the clarity of our grade stamping can and will meet all requirements for all grading agencies and inspection bureaus.

If you currently have a grade printer and are in search of wholesale pricing on refill ink for grade printing, we can offer compatible grade printing ink and grade printing accessories for your current lumber grade printer. Grade printing in lumber mills and panel mills is our specialty. Let us help you achieve the results you need and want for your mill.


Panel Printing for any type of Panel Mill!

At Claussen All-Mark we build our industrial grade printers to fit the lug tables currently operating in your panel mill. Our printers can stamp many types of panel products including, but not limited to, wafer board, OSB (Oriented Strand Board), particle board, plywood, laminated beam or Structural Composite Lumber (SCL). We start by measuring the size, timing and speed of your line. From there, we can manufacture an automated panel printer for your mill without changing any of your current production equipment.

Automated Panel & OSB Face Grade Printer

Ink Roll OR Liquid Grade Ink

Heated Ink Roll Kit for Panel Printing

Optional Wet Ink Flo-Thru System

(Constant ink flow, stops when not printing)