Grade Stamp, Lumber Stamp, Roll Marking MachineStamp Anything on Your Lumber

If you have a lighter production output and are in need of hand held lumber rollers, lumber stamps, grade stamps or stamp hammers; you can get the same quality Claussen built product as our industrial grade printer clients. Our top of the line materials and hand craftsmanship goes into each custom roll marking machine we manufacture. Not only that, we can produce any type stamp you may need and can mix any color ink!

Stamp Hammers

Stamp hammers are also available with the same quality as you expect from our rollers and printers. That means our stamps will last longer with less wear down than your current stamp. Not only that, we pass on our wholesale savings when it comes to ink rolls and refills.

Claussen Quality Build
Hand Stamp Ink Roller

Enjoy the smooth rolling, easy to grip handle and long lasting Claussen ink rolls with your manual hand stamp roller.

Lumber Grade Stamps

We offer custom grade stamps, IPPC, HT / ISPM-15 compliance stamps and more. Claussen built long lasting stamps for every type of mill. The stamps and hammers feature Velcro back for quick and easy change and ergonomic hand held design.

Claussen High performance rolls are the industry standard, not only the best quality but the product that all others are compared to. You can find our name on our competitors’ websites comparing their product to ours. After all, you always need to compare your product to the best in the industry, Claussen High Performance Ink and Ink Rolls.