Lumber Marking, Industrial Marking Systems, Lumber Grade Printers

If you are looking for a lumber marking ink supplier or if you need a custom lumber marking printer for your mill, Claussen All-Mark, Inc. can handle any order big or small. We are a privately held company that specializes in building grade printing equipment and accessories for lumber & panel mills. The Titusville, FL based company has been in business for over 4 decades. Claussen quality printers are known for NO DOWNTIME, easy maintenance and red label availability for all OEM parts for any printer we manufacture.

Claussen All-Mark Industrial Printer Manufacturer

Some of the industrial printers made by the company include:

Don’t need a full printer? We build custom conversion systems.

For those smaller jobs we offer custom stamp hammers and rollers with many size ink rolls to choose from including the standard 4″ diameter and 2.5″ diameter ink rolls.

Need something more custom? Don't hesitate to ask!

Outside the US, Claussen operates two distribution centers in Canada at Etobicoke, Ontario and Surrey, British Columbia.

Used Claussen Printer?

Were you lucky enough to land a Claussen manufactured printer at auction? We assist with rebuilding and re-installation of our Claussen printers. With our help we can have it quickly rebuilt and back to work. Our printers are known to outlive their mills and operators. Claussen is built to last and we stand behind that guarantee.

As a custom printer manufacturer we specialize in many types of grade printing equipment. The industrial printing process involves functional and decorative printing, where custom technologies and inks are used to produce various custom designs. The high speed grade printing equipment is reliable, versatile and used in any type of mill, printing on green and treated lumber.

The following specialty printers can be used for different printing mill applications.

  • 777 Air Actuated Stud Printer – this printer can be mounted at various angles to print in various positions, such as top, bottom and the sides of the print object. The push button or foot pedal is used to actuate air. The device also features different standard size hubs.
  • Laminated Beam Printer – this heavy duty Claussen built printer is especially suitable for printing logos and information on various surface boards. The drive and frame systems built into the device is designed to allow various height adjustments for printing products of different thickness. The device can also be adjusted for different grade hubs with varying diameters and width.
  • 444 Stripe Markers – the stripe markers are highly suitable for creating continuous or intermittent stripes on various materials and it features chain or board driven options. The Velcro grade hubs and steel dyes come in different sizes. The marker can be mounted to stripe the vertical and horizontal edge of a product and can be modified to apply grade stumps in small mills. Customers are free to order desired designs along with custom applications. A special type of stripe printer equipment is used to dedicate stripe markers.
  • Laminated Beam Face Grade Printer and Lumber Treatment Printer – this printer is able to utilize a 6 inch by 35 inch stamp for stamping and grading company logo on the face of a beam. The printer comes with an option of the wet ink system.
  • Manual Hand Stamp Roller – this lightweight roller feature a standardized ink roll size. The roller is lightweight and the Velcro on the grade hub allows for seamless stamp changes.

We are a top supplier of all lumber marking ink and accessories. Here at Claussen All-Mark we are at the forefront of supplying high quality HT-stamps and supplies, although emphasis is placed on mill printing. The main grade printing accessories offered include:

  • Grade Printing Inks – there are 9 different ink colors available, with custom options available on request. These colors are fade resistant, non-flammable and produce no harsh fumes. Customers can call the company offices to request a quote, quantity discounts available.
  • Ink Rolls
    • Claussen High Performance Rolls – our one of a kind Claussen high-preformance ink rolls are long lasting, durable and guarantee the longest lasting roll on the market. The rolls are able to run against a metal grade die without causing serious stress or tear. The rolls also come in 9 different colors including custom colors upon request.
    • Limited High Performance Rolls – these rolls are highly desired in the industry because of their durable and long lasting nature.
    • Standard Ink Rolls – the standard ink rolls offered for sale at Claussen All-Mark are competitively priced. The grade makes the highly desired dark prints if the rolls are replaced more often.
  • Stamps and Grade Stamps – We offer custom grade stamps, IPPC, HT / ISPM-15 compliance stamps and more. Claussen built long lasting stamps for every type of mill. The stamps and hammers feature Velcro back for quick and easy change and ergonomic hand held design.
    • High quality and deep molded rubber stamps.
    • Special rubber formulations for increased clarity and durability.
    • Lumber and panel grade stamps, HT and IPPC stamps, date and shift codes, company logos, etc.
    • Single stamps, multiple impressions belts and bands with custom sizing and orientation.
    • Available in plain, adhesive, Velcro, brass or plate backing.
    • Our Velcro backed stamps are both professionally sewn and glued with our special glue formulations which resists de-laminating of the Velcro from the rubber.
    • Supplying lumber and panel Grading Agencies throughout North America and the world.