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Lumber Ink that lasts longer than any other!

Print over 150,000 board feet with the ONE AND ONLY High Performance Claussen Ink Rolls

To prove this, we tested our ink rolls in the mill, on green lumber, unheated and yielded more than 150,000 board feet. If you print on treated lumber or include a heat kit, you can yield even more board feet per roll.

Less downtime and less rolls to buy each order.

Same Day Shipping for Ink & Ink Rolls!

*on orders of less than 100 rolls or 20 gallons

Claussen Lumber Ink

Claussen set the bar high when we brought the 4”x3” ink roll to the lumber industry. This trend has lasted for more than 40 years.  A true American manufactured product that still holds the highest quality in the industry.

Industrial and Corporate Clients

We offer pre-inked, ink rolls or gallon containers of high quality grade ink for your lumber grade printer. If you are a small company and are in search of a manual grading option, we have manual hand roller stamps as well as hand held grade stamp hammers perfect for smaller production factories. Grade ink and lumber ink for printing in lumber mills and panel mills is an important part of our process as an industrial printer manufacturer and we are able to offer wholesale ink prices directly to our mill owners. Not only that, we can create almost any color on the spectrum with a custom order. If you have been searching for rare lumber ink colors like fluorescent or violet, we can fill your custom color needs!

The One and Only Claussen High Performance Ink Rolls

Grade Ink Rolls

If you use a hand stamp roller for production of your product, you are no stranger to ink roll refills. We manufacture hand roller stamps and preform a lot of product testing with our ink rolls. We can guarantee they have been tested in house and we can send you a sample ink roll to test on your equipment for free!

High Performance Lumber Ink Rolls

Claussen high performance and limited high performance lumber ink rolls are the best quality rolls on the market! We have all your HT-stamps & supplies that are required for regulated exportation. If you are trying to stand out from the competition with a custom bold color, do not hesitate to call and ask. We can create almost any color!