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Custom Grade Printers 

Printing Applications for any type of Mill

At Claussen All-Mark we build our industrial grade printers to fit the lug tables currently operating in your mill. Our printers can stamp many types of panel products including, but not limited to, wafer board, OSB (Oriented Strand Board), particle board, plywood, laminated beam or Structural Composite Lumber (SCL). We start by measuring the size, timing and speed of your driven lug tables. From there, we can manufacture an automated panel printer for your mill without changing any of your current production equipment. We create a grade printer specific to the volume and structure of the wood in order to clearly stamp your product and meet the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) accreditation requirements.

If you currently have a grade printer and are in search of wholesale pricing on refill ink for grade printing, we can offer compatible grade printing ink and grade printing accessories for your current lumber grade printer. Grade printing in lumber mills and panel mills is our specialty. Let us help you achieve the results you need and want for your mill.

Handstamper for Panel Grading

Laminated Beam Face Grade Printer & Lumber Treatment Printer

  • Capable of printing 6″ by 35″ stamp for grading and/or stamping company logo on beam face.
  • Heated ink roll kits, ink rolls and inks available.
  • Velcro backed, standard 12″ drum. Other sizes available upon request.
  • Optional wet ink system available.

Laminated Beam Printer

  • For printing logo’s and information on center flange of I-Joist every 4 to 8 feet, depending upon application.
  • Varied sizes of Grade Hub available from 24″ to 36″ in diameters and width from 1-1/2″ to 12″.
  • Frame and drive systems available that allow height adjustment for printing on various thickness of product.
  • Linear movement of printing hubs for adjustment of printing location.
  • Several designs for various applications available.
  • Heavy duty, Claussen built.

Edge Printers and Dual Edge Printers

  • Designed to print on the edge of lumber.
  • Grade printer is mounted on outside of planer.
  • Can print on one or both edges.
  • Can print company name, logo or variable information
  • Capable of printing on any size lumber and any length lumber

Insulboard (Insulation Board), Wafer board, OSB, Particle Board, Plywood Grade Printing

  • Optional bottom mount (vertical mount).
  • Foam panel or belt driven.
  • Any size ink roll kit available upon request.
  • Custom design inquiries welcome.
  • Air cylinders optional.

Manual Hand Stamp Roller

  • Standard ink roll size is 2 1/2″ O.D X 1″ I.D.
  • Various sizes and modifications available
  • Velcro on grade hub for easy stamp changes
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Stripe Markers #444, Pallet Printers, Nail Line Markers

  • Stripe Markers are used to place a continuous or an intermittent stripe on lumber, plywood, and panels.
  • Patented ink roll heater kits available for these units.
  • Unit is free spinning and board driven.
  • Can be mounted to stripe the end or the top of the printer. (horizontally or vertically).
  • Can be used as I.D. marker for end edging signaled by an optimizer.
  • Can be used for panels requiring nailer stripes.
  • Can be modified to apply grade stamps in smaller mills.
  • Velcro backed grade hubs and steel dies, various sizes available.
  • 2 standard designs.
  • Custom applications welcome, please call for a quote.